Hansen Thiam Sun



Acrylic on canvas



140 x 185 cm




  • Description

    Where is part of a series Indonesian artist Thiam Sun Hansen started in 2009, portraying the underlying situation of children of today. In Where, the viewer can see three women of different origins. Firstly, we see an Asian woman who wears a sarong combined with a t-shirt, her feet clad in slippers; the second one is a Western woman wearing a summer dress, slippers and sunglasses, and lastly a young Asian girl dressed in Western teenage fashion. Whilst the older Asian walks in a confident stride, the younger one seems rather hesitant about her direction. Must she in fact follow the trodden path of tradition and wisdom marked with letters than could spell love? Or should she visit the other direction with looks of a grey, uncertain world strewn with shadows?

  • Artist Profile

    Hansen Thiam Sun was born in 1960 in Toho, a beautiful and pristine hamlet in West Kalimantan (Borneo). The purity and beauty of the environment in which he grew up stimulated young Hansen to become deeply interest in visual arts, especially drawing, a hobby that became deeply embedded in his life even in adulthood. He has had his share of overseas travels and adventures. He returned to Indonesia in 1990 and resided in West Java for 13 years until he moved to Bali in 200….


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