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Isabel Diaz is celebrated for her paintings of flowers, abloom in all their majestic colors and forms, their sheer size are an arresting view as visual splendours to contemplate on nature’s beauty and the beauty in art. Like famous artists Monet and Georgia O’Keefe, Isabel has focused on flowers as her subject of still-life paintings.

Green Garden.jpg
Isabel Diaz: About

Her painted flowers are given a warmth through the use of colors, subtle, multi layered shading, and striking texture. The petals of separate flowers are rightly packed within the canvas, almost crowded like massive bouquets, extending the idea of bountifulness, even prosperity and wishes for one’s positive wellbeing.  Added to these, a vivid and flowing life - with vivid colors and vibrant energy.

Isabel Diaz: TeamMember
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"I usually don't want to talk - even about myself," confesses Isabel, whose laughter and mien defy her hint of silence.  "I paint every day, for commissioned works. I want people to own and live with them,” says Isabel who is not eager to make a big deal of exhibits done at Bergdorf Goodman, Zoltan Gallery, and Bonwitt Teller in New York; Nelson Ridge in Princeton; and the China Club in Hong Kong.

Isabel Diaz: About

Educated in the United States, Isabel lives on 53rd Street, between Lexington and 3rd Avenue in New York, in an apartment near her daughter, photographer Jamie Marcial Cohen.

Isabel Diaz: TeamMember


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Isabel Diaz: Product Gallery


Isabel Diaz: Text


June 1, 2007

Group Exhibition
The Legends, Fort Canning, Singapore

Isabel Diaz: Past Exhibitions
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