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Artesan is an art gallery based in Singapore, specialising in contemporary art across Asia.

The gallery is differentiated by our drive and our spirit for constant reinventions in our creative and curatorial approach. We are committed to the cultivation of young artists, as well as creating partnerships with established artists - with an aim to grow a discerning audience for their works.

Sharing and shaping the spirit of the times since 2005, Artesan has presented more than eighty exhibitions - which has earned it much distinction and notoriety in the art industry. This includes coalitions with museums, institutions, universities and art foundations.

Artesan extends its services with workshops, art consultancy, art commission and collaborations, both internationally and on homeground.  To widen its reach, we continue to participate in opportunities for audience encounters such as roaming art platforms, pop-up exhibitions, nomadic art projects, mobile pods as well as propagating its signature Art-on-Tour project.  

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