Victor Balanon



Pen, ink, masking medium on paper



65 x 50 cm




  • Description

    Down is a sober interpretation by the artist of how the adjective can be portrayed as the reverse and what the upsides are to being the wrong way round. Of course, this is logical quip to most artists, who will be bemused by the imminent conversations brought about by the artwork and title. 


    You see, bats couldn’t be more relevant in this assembly of artworks so lets talk the latest virus outbreak.  Despite all the misconceptions surrounding bats, these flying mammals are very important to humans and the environment.  Insect-eating microbats consume millions of bugs  a night, acting as a natural pest control for plants. Thanks to bats, farmers might rely less on toxic pesticides, which costs them millions of dollars each year. Nectar-drinking bats pollinate plants so they can produce fruit. In fact, more than 500 plant species, including mangoes, bananas, and avocados, depend on bats for pollination. Finally, fruit-eating bats help disperse seeds so rainforests can grow, helping to mitigate the effects of widespread deforestation.

  • Artist Profile

    Victor Balanon (born 1972, Manila, Philippines) started to study Dental Medicine at the University of the East in 1989. He left school however, a year short of finishing his studies, choosing to pursue and develop his interest in art. A self-taught artist, he has worked as an illustrator creating artworks for film, independent comics and underground music labels. He later studied film and animation at the Mowelfund Film Institute producing two animated short films as a res…. 


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(+65) 6338 5818, (+65) 9842 7817

8 Raffles Ave, #02-05/07 Esplanade Mall 
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