Project Pandora : Victor Balanon


Year of production:  2015

Artist : Victor Balanon

Running Time: 5.30 mins approx

Nine (9) channel video, black and white, stop motion animation

First presented at Art Fair Philippines 2015 by Artesan, Singapore.


Project Pandora is a stop-motion animated video shot under limited resources and time constraints. the video is an attempt to visually represent, within its limited means- the thought-process in studio work, play of forms, multiplicity, movement and repetition, the sedentary/ambulant dichotomy and the intervention of artifice on nature.



Chimera | Gridiron


Year of production:  2016

Artist : Victor Balanon

Running Time: 4.00 mins approx per channel

Three channel film, video, black and white, 3 channel video

projection of sound, DVD/HD, size varies


Balanon employs the animation technique of hyperlapse, which captures different frames of the subject while shifting from one viewpoint to another for an extended period of time, to produce the works. This protracted process of shooting yields thousands of stills and frames, distilled into moving sequences projected on the exhibition wall.



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