I observe and record the turning of the seasons, the cycle of days and the passing of hours —- the slow churning of life marked by growth and decay. I explore universal themes: filial ties, love, happiness - reflections on humanity and our persistent desire for safe havens. These places, manifested as my own secret garden, or a sequestered grove, or even maybe a forgotten forest - they all form the environment for suspended moments and chapters in life. They form the basis of my current works.


The environments I create allow the simultaneities of hours and the sharing of time through the mechanisms of reverie and reflection. Yet, like the thread that I use - time unravels, frays, fractures and breaks; echoing the brittle firmaments of life, and the fragility of nature.

RAFFY'S   work


Raffy Napay (born 1986, Philippines) is known for his expansive stitched works that vividly reference thickets or forests. His wall bound pieces and installations combine elaborate needlework and underpainting, found and made objects, in their explorations of spatial dimensions and expressions of depth. They recall the turning of time, the passing of seasons, and the fragile breath of life.


Napay has won numerous awards, notably distinctions as one of the CCP Thirteen Art Awardees in 2018, and first prize for the Il Lorenzo Magnifico award during the 2015 Florence Biennale, Italy, the Philippine Art Awards and the Ateneo Art Awards. He was artist in residence at Liverpool Hope University, United Kingdom and Artesan Gallery + Studio Singapore in 2013. Napay has a Fine Arts degree in painting and is currently based in Manila.


Raffy Napat at work
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