The artist, Iggy Rodriguez,  is concerned with the condition and relations of  man,  and extends his inquiries to the ways by which man interacts with, exploits and utilizes his environment. The themes he  tackles is as complex as the multiple intricate drawings he has  produced. Rodriguez employs travesty and satire as an approach to subvert and upset the existing dominant framework that breeds disenfranchisement and social dislocation. He is currently planning on conceiving several large scale works using his favorite medium, pen and ink on canvas and broaden his output to creating sculptures and installations.

IGGY'S   work


Filipino artist Iggy Rodriguez has continually responded to a tradition of Social Realism and politically-engaged practice in Philippine art. He spent the mid-1990s as a member of UGAT Lahi, an artist collective making works for street and public protests in Manila. By the mid-2000s, Rodriguez’s individual work in painting, drawing and installation started to explore the iconography of oppression and sufferance: centering on the image of the body as an emblem for alienation, a staging ground and aftermath for struggles both material and existential.


Raoul Ignacio (Iggy) M. Rodriguez (b. 1974) received the Grand Prize in Pen and Ink Drawing category of the Art Association of the Philippines Annual Competition in 2001 and the Thirteen Artists Award of the Cultural Centre of the Philippines in 2009. He was among the members of the Ugnayan at Galian ng mag Tanod ng Lahi  or UGAT Lahi (f. 1992), a collective of progressive artists based in Manila known for producing effigies and street murals, from 1999 to 2009. 


Rodriguez first exhibited in Singapore in 2008, as part of an artist exchange program organised by Artesan with the National University of Singapore Museum. He held his first one-man exhibition, titled Kimi/Imik, the year after in the Philippines and has since then shown his work in group exhibitions in China, Singapore, Cambodia, England, Malaysia, and South Korea. He has held several solo exhibition organized by Artesan Gallery + Studio. in 2019, he exbited at the Palazzo Mora during the 58th Venice Biennale, in co-operation with the European Cultural Centre in Venice, Italy.


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